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I have tried Rockbox before but then the battery life was really bad. And if I remember correctly, there was some problem playing some files (Vorbis or MPC?). The battery life is ok now. I have not tested playback of different formats but probably that problem is also fixed. There is also now a setting called "3-D Enhancement" that was not there before and that my Clip+ do not have.

One problem is that sometimes navigating the menus is impossible: one short touch seems to be registering as several and the navigating gets really erratic. Restarting the player fixes it.

It would be nice if the "First Buttonpress Enables Backlight Only" and "Buttons Locked" functions could disregard the volume buttons and only apply to the touchpad.

Maybe the navigating (when it works) is a little less frustrating than on the official firmware. Still, touching imaginary buttons on a touchpad requires seeing the touchpad and is error prone.

There is more background noise on the rockboxed Fuze+ than on the OF or rockboxed Clip+. The reason seems to be that the volume control is implemented differently. With the Fuze+ with OF and the rockboxed Clip+ the noise amount rises with the volume control, with the rockboxed Fuze+ the noise is on max regardless of the volume setting. (Hardware amp on max, using software volume control?) As a consequence the background noise is a bit annoying when using sensitive IEMs.
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