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You may also want to take a look at the Sony NWZ E475. It's listed as 16 GB but the user available space come in at ~12 GB. One of our members reviewed the E474 here. It's the same player in a lower capacity.

The only playlist format it supports is .PLA but you can make those with any software that is able to see the player as an MTP device. MusicBee, MediaMonkey and Winamp work well for me. I prefer MusicBee as it's in continuous development with an involved and very competent developer. The MusicBee forum is also very active and has very helpful members. It can work with files directly on a device in MTP. It's also free. (Donations accepted!)

You can also create .pla playlists on a Sony using Widows Explorer. When you right click on files and folders there's a context menu that pops up and allows you to create playlists. I find that to be handy when I'm visiting someone with a Windows machine that doesn't have a software I prefer installed.

I don't have the E475 but I have a couple of the older models and they're among my favorites. The longer battery life, better build quality and wider range of sound enhancements make me feel the higher price was a matter of paying more for a better product.

I specifically mention that model because I noticed you used the "" symbol when you set your budget. Models prior to that have a EU volume cap. Some have found the volume to be too low, others have found it to be sufficient. If you do consider a Sony and like your music loud at times it's something to keep in mind.

Steve may not have a use for Rockbox but I find it to be invaluable in increasing the playlisting capabilities of a Clip. Rockbox can create playlists on the player and just about any software that can create .m3u playlists can create playlists that combine the files from both the internal and external memories.

You can also create combined playlists directly on a Rockboxed player. That can be somewhat of a pain using the virtual keyboard of Rockbox but once I got accustomed to it I found it do-able. Not something I do often but it's handy at times.

Rockbox also allows you to avoid the database refresh that can take several minutes and makes the player unusable until it finishes. Unlike the sandisk firmware if you decide to not use the database in Rockbox it never refreshes. I find the database handy as it lets me see everything in a variety of ways. When I make changes it refreshes in the background. I can still listen to whatever I want, I just can't use the database for the few minutes the database takes to refresh. That averages under 3 minutes with a full 4 GB player and 16 GB card.

There is a definite learning curve to Rockbox. If you're interested the the link in my sig is a good place to start. Reading the manual through Browsing and Playing would give you an idea of what's involved with actually using Rockbox.

I never try to persuade anyone to use Rockbox on a Clip+. Especially without first experiencing the sandisk firmware. I think sandisk firmware is pretty decent. It doesn't really do anything wrong and is really simple to learn. My experience with people in my private life is that it usually does what they want without the additional reading and fiddling with settings Rockbox needs to get the most from it.

If you do get the Clip I'd encourage you to give the sandisk firmware a try. It may give you everything you need with no more effort that creating your playlists and enjoying them.
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