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Old 05-05-2013, 08:13 AM
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Originally Posted by scowl View Post
Here's how you destroy your SGP 4.0 (US only).

The International recovery ROMs contain two interesting files: boot.bin and sbl.bin. I know sbl.bin is the secondary bootloader and I'm guessing the first is most likely the bootloader. Flash that ROM and you now have completely recovered your non-US SGP4.0.

Guess which two files are nowhere to be found on any of the US recovery ROMs. That's right, boot.bin and sbl.bin. That means if you want to recover your US SGP 4.0 after stupidly flashing an International version, it isn't going to happen. Ever. Your touchscreen and capacitive keys will never be initialized properly.

So don't do that. There is a thread on xda about this from a year ago with no solution.
Well this is to be used in case of extreme emergency like with a hard brick. The reason of why there's no bootloader for the us device is because they never received a full update via Kies, so they're stuck with the basic files...

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