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Old 05-05-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by zacp2 View Post
Well this is to be used in case of extreme emergency like with a hard brick. The reason of why there's no bootloader for the us device is because they never received a full update via Kies, so they're stuck with the basic files...
Yeah, the "[STOCK ROM] Full Recovery For Samsung Galaxy Player" thread at xda-developers is misleading because the US versions posted in it aren't really full recovery ROMs. I'd post something in the thread but I don't need a bunch of teenagers telling me how stupid I already know I am.

The only option is for me to try to reverse-engineer the initialzation of the US capacitive keys and the touchscreen and add this to a new kernel. Normal Linux kernels are completely responsible for initializing all devices. Android kernels obviously let the bootloader do this (it is probably propreitary to the manufacturer anyway) so they're stuck with whatever the devices do once the kernel starts executing.

I can see this with CWM recovery's key test function which simply doesn't see the capacitive key events at all which means the device is simply not enabled. If anyone happens to know which driver in the kernel the SGP 4.0 uses for these events, I could quickly attempt to make a kernel that works.

CWM recovery does use the power key for "Enter" so I did get something to work.
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