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Originally Posted by marcel f View Post
You have just confirmed to me, that most manufacturers put crap batteries into their phones! (anything under 2000mah is a waste of time) 10.5 hours of streaming video is amazing for a phone! my stats were reading from the memory card with everything turned off. Again, I lose 2 1/2 hours when watching HD content due to resolution and rendering.

It amazes me how everyone wants to compete with apple and puts the best tech they can in a device and make it as small as possible, then skimp on the power source to make it truly useable??? Rather than shave a few mm off a device, add a few mm and give us BIGGER batteries, please!

thats what I thought was funny because you have the regular Razr then the maxx and the maxx nearly doubles capacity (1800 Mah to 3300 Mah) by adding a mere 2mm to the back of the case, I would gladly add another 2mm more to get that much more capacity added to the battery again.
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