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Default looking for a Fuze connector with all pins

I am looking for a Sansa Fuze 30-pin connector with all 30 pins. I have a no-name brand tablet with 30-pin connector for charging. No OEM/3rd party charger in the market. I tested my Fuze connector (USB data and charging) and it fits perfectly. Just different pinouts.

Does anyone know a Fuze connector with all 30 pins? I understand Apple ipod uses the same connector. But all seem to have just a few pins inserted. Any help would much appreciated. Thanks.

If anyone has a connector with all 30 pins, I will buy it, I mean if you can let it go.

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30-Pin Connector Cable at the SanDisk Store $9.99

And FYI, iPods DO NOT use the same connector. Similar, but not the same. You will fry your Fuze (and maybe your tablet) if you try to use one in it.
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The sandisk connector doesn't hook up all the pins either AFAIK. Various companies do sell that connector though. See:
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Thanks for the solder board link.

I found my old OEM Fuze plug has all 30 pins. I didn't know. But the solder board will make it easy. Thanks.

Also, I didn't know iPod plug is different physically. Thanks for the correction.

I opened my old Fuze cable end, rewired the pins, connected to an unused laptop power supply, and fabricated a charger for my odd tablet. Thanks for your help.

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