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I once took apart my SGP 4.0" (I've posted here on ABi about it, search for the pictures if you want). However, I stopped short of popping apart the screen as that was something I didn't feel comfortable doing. From my experience taking apart and fixing electronics, once you start to feel uncomfortable prying any harder, that's usually intuition saying "Stop, any farther and you'll break it!"

What you could try is gently heating the front of the screen with a blow drier set to low. Move the nozzle of the blow drier over the screen in small circles, especially focusing on the edges. Try to heat the screen as evenly as possible, and when it is hot enough to burn your fingers if you hold them on the screen for more than a second or two (usually ~45 seconds of heating), try prying it open. Sometimes you might only get one corner open before the adhesive cools again and you have to repeat the process. Work patiently, rush it and you might break something!

Mind you, try this only if you really feel the need to remove the dust. Annoying as it may be, I've found that dust particles are often better left alone, depending on the difficulty of disassembly of the device. Good luck!
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