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Default X7 hangs at "initializing"

Hi everyone,

I have a "new" problem with X7 ... at least I didnīt find a thread about it ...

I have the player since 3 days and already had some minor problems, but was satisfied until today. When I copied 20GB of music at once, the "update-database"-step stopped half way. Forum posts adviced to reset the player several times, what I did. And after perhaps 5 resets the database was updated completly.

But when I start the player, the "initializing"-step dies after perhaps 70%. Itīs not only, that the progress bar stops progressing. Also some "pixel-garbage" appears on the screen... reminds me of some overwritten memory or something.

Anybody has an idea other than "send it back" ... I am from Germany (I hope my english is ok :-) and bought in the UK because it was much cheaper there. But my idea of saving money leads to high costs of shipping and I canīt imagine that there is no other way ...

Btw: it also hangs, when I plug in USB and starts initializing, so I canīt access the hard drive at all :-(

Please help
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I don't think the problem is with how much you uploaded to the Cowon. I uploaded 130GB in one go without problems.
I suggest you try two things. Go to Settings and then on page 3, try "Database update". If that doesn't work, go to page 4 of Settings and click on "Information". From there, format the HDD and then re-enter your music. Don't format the Flash. If both fail after doing the two things above, update your firmware from the Cowon site. It gives you precise instructions on how to do it.
It will all be fine...I am sure. Good luck.
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