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You don't say which build you're using now. There's been changes made since the older builds you mention that have the database work much better than it did then.

There's no need to manually delete old database files if you use the Initialize function of the database to update. That wipes out the older database files and starts you off fresh.

The first thing to do is to update to the current development build, initialize the database and see if the problem persists. I usually use a relatively recent development build and don't have any problems with the database unless I use autoupdate. That creates duplicate entries in the database for me.

One last thing, if you save the .rockbox folder that's at the root of your current setup it can always be put back if you don't like the results of an update. Despite what some think a Rockbox installation doesn't break that easily and can usually be repaired by just copying a new build to the root of the player. If there's a setting that's causing a problem deleting the .cfg file or having a set of known good settings saved as a .cfg and "playing" that usually fixes most problems.
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