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Default Nothing to resume error

I recently bought a 64 gb microsd card for my clipzip. Samsung class 10 so it's not a cheapo card.
But now I've had twice that after some 50 songs I get 'nothing to resume'. But my (dynamic) playlist is 7600 songs!

What could be wrong? What can I do to determine the cause?

Also, it's still not possible on the clipzip to create or save a playlist. The manual says 'Play: Exit the virtual keyboard and save any changes.' but the play button does not do that. There's another thread about that here
But as long as a dynamic playlist would work that's no problem for me.

Only this 'nothing to resume' error is a bit of a showstopper.
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Your link about the virtual keyboard goes to a Rockbox forum topic about the sansa V1 E2xx series player. Not surprising those directions don't work for the Clip Zip. The directions for how to save and exit for the Clip Zip are here I use those and they work every time.

No idea on the card issue. I usually use both no-name cheapies and brands names up to 32 GB at Class 6 speeds without any issues. I've read about others having issues with some cards that have tested as genuine. The test I've used is here.

If your card passes that and still doesn't work, it's possible you'll need a different card. I don't remember seeing any fixes for that issue. You can check the Rockbox forums and see if you can spot one.
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Thanks for a thorough answer. I'm now backing up that drive so I can test it with H2Testw.
And good to hear I can save a playlist.
If all fails I'll go to the rockbox forums.
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