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Old 07-08-2013, 09:07 PM
kholera kholera is offline
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Help Suspect X7 HDD might be dying, how to handle this situation?

I use my X7 as both a daily PMP and a music storage and sharing resource, as it is a very easy and convenient way of carrying around a large collection of CDs and enjoying them in good quality to boot. However, I am recently suspecting that the HDD in my X7 might be failing. It has some minor issues transferring files, sometimes at a very slow rate (though maybe I've just forgotten how long it takes to send 400MB over USB2.0 ), and I've had a folder or two become corrupt and unreadable. Since it is my main source of storing my music, the idea of losing it (especially ALL of it, in one fell swoop) is quite horrific, and I'd really prefer not dealing with a full replacement and buying a new super-high capacity player to replace it.

So that said, what can I do to make sure that 1) I might actually have an impending HDD failure, and make sure that 2) I am fully prepared, in the event of such a failure, to replace my HDD or my player, all the while keeping my music collection safe and sound in another storage location?
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Old 07-10-2013, 06:45 AM
ExsolviteMeFurorHoc ExsolviteMeFurorHoc is offline
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Hi Kholera,

I'm experiencing similar, but not the same issues with my X7 over the past week or so. I've not found a way to fix mine yet, so I'm going to raise a separate thread for that in a minute or two.

However, whilst trying to find a fix for mine I came across this thread which seems to of solved HDD issues for a few people:

I hope this helps dude!
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Old 07-10-2013, 04:30 PM
kholera kholera is offline
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Thanks for the post, mate. I have found that my issues seem to be subsiding, or otherwise imagined, as I did simply forget how long it takes to transfer full FLAC albums via USB 2.0 . Maybe someday Cowon will make a Super X7 with 500GB-2TB storage and USB 3.0 transfer speeds, so we can marvel at how quickly blu-rays or something transfer to our massive media monster.

Cheers, best of luck with your own X7.
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