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rocket, i think everyone here needs to contact these vendors who want to merge our music players with smartphones and let them know that we want our music separate from our phones. Not everyone wants an all in one device but that's exactly what all of these companies are trying to force us to go with. Personally, I don't have a smartphone because they are highly traceable devices. I value my privacy and my old, stupid phone, is prepaid and not so easily traceable. I also like the fact that it is just a phone and not a smartphone. That is not something that I need or want. I'm sure my needs will change as I'm in the process of adopting a few children and this means more phones. I'm finding it harder to find stupid phones and so my only choice will be to go with s smartphone. However, I don't want music or even the ability to put music on my phone forced on me. I have communicated this to sony and nokia. Microsoft assumed this was the direction music players were headed so they killed the zune and their entire line of music players. If you look at the industry right now most of the music players are going the way of the dodo. They are pretty much non-existent except for sansa, sony and cowon. Sure Samsung is still around but they die after about a year or two. Bad design there as every samsung I had died or the earphone plug started to go out on me.
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