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===Moved To the Rockbox Clip forum.===

If it turns on when you put it on a table that seems to indicate a hardware problem. I've dealt with dozens of Rockboxed Clips of every type and have never known it to make a player more or less prone to turn on by itself or at a slight touch.

When I've used the OF the power setting reliably turns it off at the set time. The idle power off can also be set in Rockbox. That turns it off after a preset time if there's no keypresses within a the time you set. That can be as little as one minute. You can also set the sleep timer to start at power up and shut down after it runs for the preset time. You can set the timer to reset each time you touch a button if you want.

If it's not restarting at the same place you need to set your Bookmarking settings. You can have that in a number of ways to take you back to the spot in the file you were listening to without having to hunt for the place you were at last. Autoresume also can be set to help with that.

There may be a way to pull the source and create a multiple keypress combo to power it up, idk. You can check in over at the Rockbox forums and see if one of the developers can point you at where in the code you would need to modify.
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