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Old 08-19-2013, 02:33 PM
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Default Help, pls--screen stuck on "Downloading, do not turn off target!!!"

With three exclamation points that little android with a shovel looks serious.... I have not been using my SGP 5 (yp-g70cw/tpa) online for over a month until a couple nights ago, and it did a bunch of little app updates then. Today I went to get online and it froze on a black screen, so I tried to turn off and nothing, so I hld the volume and on/off button down together for 10 seconds and now I have a shoveling Android icon with message that it is downloading and not to turn off the target.

Is the target the Player or the wifi connection? If there is a new Samsung download it could take DAYS to load via wifi through my hughsnet satellite connection--I upgraded to Gingerbread over a year ago via my laptop that was ethernet connected--and THAT took over night....

It responds not to the main key nor does the device show up on my laptop when connected. HELP!
OK, I'm not long on patience, so I hit volume with on/off again and it turned off...turned it back on and just had a glowing "samsung" for a few minutes...'jogged' it by attaching to, and disconnecting from, pc.

What was that about?

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Old 08-20-2013, 07:51 PM
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OK, first off proper response when it feezes it to press and hold ONLY the power button, by holding power and volume down you put it into download mode, which baring other issues can be exited by simply holding the POWER BUTTON ONLY. if it is "stuck" on the pulsing samsung logo for more then 5 minutes (you have to give it time to reboot sometimes) then boot into recovery by pressing power and the OTHER volume button (releasing the power button after the player reboots) and doing a "wipe data/factory reset" (this will wipe all your apps) after that reboot (via the reboot option) and wait for it to boot up, if this does not work then you will likely need to reflash the ROM.
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