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Default iriver H120 worth it?

So I had a H120 forever ago. It was a great MP3 player and served me well until my then girlfriend dropped it. Flash forward to now and I need a new player. The old H series seems pretty easy to come by but damn they're pricey. Are they still worth picking up? Or have the times finally passed them by? Maybe I'm just feeling nostalgic....not so nostalgic that I want my Diamond Rio 128mb back, though.
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What features about the H120 made it attractive? If those could be supplied by something that costs less and is made more recently it would seem that paying a premium price wouldn't make sense.

I can't think of anything made recently that has the the H120's analog and digital optical line in and out and recording capabilities. If those aren't part of what you need you should be able to find something decent for less than what I'm seeing used iRivers going for right now.
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I still have and love my iHP-140. But at this point, it's dated. Unless you need the digital line in/out, I'd say go with something that more recent and decent, and less expensive to boot. Candidly, "even" an iPod jukebox.

Or, for that matter, get a SanDisk Clip+ or Clip Zip and add a microSD card--you end up with an extremely portable player, with substantial storage space, and at significantly less cost.
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They ARE selling for a premium. I wish I still had it....anyway. I know everyone is crazy about the Sansa Clip but it's stupid small. The screen is tiny and the unit is so small I can see losing it or not being able to work it with my giant banana hands. And the Ipod classic.....God do I hate Itunes. I have no issue with the ipod but itunes is the absolute worst. Now I realize when I say that there's probably a million Itunes alternatives I don't know about.

What drew me to the iriver was the ease of drag and drop. Exactly what my Sony E series DOESNT have. I just want to copy my music to a folder on the player and forget about it. Not worry about what version ID3 tags I have or have to fire up Media Monkey or something similar and try to sync it and all that. Then I end up with duplicate songs. Probably all things the Sansa Clip does with flying colors.
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