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Default Dollar store mp3 players

I was wandering around big lots the other day, when I came across a selection of mp3 players. Most were coby and sylvania brands but the rest didn't have any names on them. Like no name brands, with camera, and sd slots. I thought to myself;" How many people have bought one of these cheapy $15-20 mp3 players thinking they were good?" Then I realized, I've bought 4 of them in my lifespan. They last about a month , after giving me problems all along and they run for about $10-15 when I bought em. Once at dollar general , I saw a no name brand mp4 player that was $45. For that price you could have gotten a fuze or some other high quality brand. So have you (if they exist) ever had a good dollar store brand mp3 player?
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I had a few crap players that were given to me, and they always suck. A total waste IMO,...
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I dont know how many mp3 players Ive had over the years. My first one was $80 mp4 player from belks ( i couldn't afford to pay in full) in 4 months, it was dead. Another one from Belks, died in a week. A thumb drive 1 gb mp3 player which I still have, still works just the skip button is crap. I got a clip on sylvania, still works but you cant tell what track you're on (no screen). I bulked up in 08 and got an ipod which ,compared to the others, was a God. I had a mac back then so it all fit well. But my mac died last year and since I had some spare money , I sold it and bought a new pc. The ipod had to use itunes to sync and I hate itunes so I sold at radioshack and bought a sansa clip. Between the ipod and sansa purchases, I bought a sylvania mp4 and a coby mp4 player both of which sucks for video since everythings in this picky mtv format (regular mtv format wont even work with it) and one sansa clip (version before this last one)

Im hoping for my birthday, I can get a tablet, a good name brand or a good mp4 player.I've had crappy luck with them. Itouch died after 3 months, a big lots brand died after 6 weeks
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