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Originally Posted by skamp View Post
Did you check out my Googley themes? I think they're a lot better than Grayfog, which was my first theme, but I guess that's a matter of taste.
I did look at other themes including those but in the end I really love the full width album art of grayfog. You can do a lot with three lines and alternating sublines so long as the screen is of high quality and very legible and the Fuze+ is great in this respect, having enough width that the scrolling doesn't get silly.

I spent absolutely ages on some themes in the past to make them useful for me on the Clip+. Modding grayfog to be as informative as it is pleasing to the eye took about two minutes, being a quick copy+paste of three metadata lines from my custom themes.

I think this looks great and tells me exactly what I might want (I don't care about displaying file type, bitrate and so on because I already know it's flac). The top line is composer/artist, middle is always album name and bottom is track title/comment (in this case a tenor accompanying the players).

I might just modify the time status to elapsed/track total total on the left and use the right for track number/track total and maybe use the middle to display sleep timer countdown when active.

This really is a good player with Rockbox. Using OF it won't even recognise my microSD cards that work perfectly in a Clip+ or Fuze v2 or in fact in every device ever tried. In Rockbox they work completely normally.

I did a crude level match of the Fuze+ and my iriver H140 by playing a 10000Hz tone and using a cable from the headphone jacks into a laptop running Audacity set to record. I previously did the same with the Clip+. The Fuze+ and Clip+ output levels are the same, about 4 dB quieter at max than the H140, and in a crude level matched and sighted listening comparison I couldn't tell the iriver from the Fuze+ cos they both hiss with low impedance IEMs ha ha ha.
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