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Originally Posted by constant View Post
I have another problem you or someone else maybe able to help me with: After my SGN2 found my pc, I clicked on it and it brought up 3 folders: 1. ADMIN$ 2. C$ 3. IPC$
When I clicked on any of those folder I got an error message the says: Login fails
This maybe caused by:
-The account has no permission

Do you know what I can do? Do you now how I can get the info like IP address and the rest for my SGN2 so I can register it with network sharing on my pc, for that maybe the problem.

Thanks for your help!
Those particular shares are considered administrative shares and not normally used [or seen] by end users. e.g. C$ is a share that gives access to the root of the C: drive and is only accessible to users/services that are a part of the Administrative Group and the IPC$ share is used with temporary connections between clients and servers.

On a Windows network, those shares would not be advertised because they are hidden; that is what the "$" at the end of the share name does. Pretty much every other operating system will expose these shares however. If you are interested, MS has a KB article on the subject

In short, you don't need to worry about them.
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