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Originally Posted by lisagorbin View Post
Pardon me for reviving this thread. umm. My only DAP iPod touch is now dead, so now I'm also considering the clip zip and the 2012 Sony Walkman e series (e474). I don't need to have both, and i don't think i want them both, so which should i choose? and I'm aware that the Walkman costs more than twice of the clip zip. but, is the Walkman better than the clip zip? ( i don't think I need lossless files because I'm just using vsonic iems, the vsd1 ans gr06, so obviously not high end to really notice v0 from FLAC, i guess. My music collection is young and 4gb is more than enough.) Aesthetically, the Walkman looks better of course. In what way will the clip zip be better? or is paying more for the Walkman worth it? Thank you.
I really liked having the bigger screen of my Sony E465, over my Clip Zip, I think sound quality was about the same, just try and find the best price on a used E474 or E475.
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