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Default Can I copy i9 user EQ to brand new i9+?

My i9 finaly broke, lcd screen died, so I replaced it with an i9+. I've some specific EQ settings I worked on quite a bit for my earbuds, the car etc.. I really don't want to figure it all out again.

Are user EQ settings saved on any system files that I could just replace on the i9+? Since the lcd on the i9 is broken I can't see what I've set everything at.
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That's been asked a few times and no one has found a way to do that I know. That's always been between different models though. People have tried copying the PARAM.CFG from different models and that didn't work.

It might work going from a i9 to an i9+. Someone has said they were able to use the firmware from the i9 to fix a update problem on a i9+. If that's true that means the hardware is the same and the PARAM.CFG file might carry the settings over if it's placed on a i9+.

Before you try that I'd caution that experimenting with Cowons can be iffy. They seem to brick easily when confronted with situations the programmers didn't envision. I'd spend some time thinking about the cost\benefit of reworking your settings vs. possibly trying to revive a bricked player or sending it in for repair.
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Ah yeah, that's not what I wanted to hear but it's a good answer.. seemed like it'd be a simple operation but I won't bother trying, these little things are expensive and not easily bought anymore in Canada.

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