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Default Solution for volume limit in NWZ-E474

I just want to know if anyone has a solution for the volume limit that has been implemented in the Sony NWZ-E474? (as well as all other European MP3 players)

What I can gather is that this limit can be removed in the Service Menu of the MP3 player. However, I have yet to find the correct key combination for entering the Service Menu for the E474 model.

If anyone has any information about this, it would be must appreciated!
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Welcome to ABi

The volume limit in the NWZ-E474 is supposed to be warning, not a cap on the volume according to the manual One member from the UK has said they don't even get a warning. With a warning that can be easily dismissed I haven't seen anyone interested in entering the service menu.

The thought has been that Sony was losing sales due to implementing a cap is a way that no one else did. Every other maker made it possible to get around the cap during a firmware update. The default if you picked the EU as your region on a player like a Cowon or a sandisk capped the volume. Since it's possible to pick another region and still use the language you prefer that's what people do to not have their volume capped.
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Hi all!! I have the same problem with my new E585, the volume is just too damned low even at maximum settings, so I was wondering, what is the code (series of buttons i need to press) to get onto the service test menu where this could possibly be fixed?? I don't care about the radio so it's a good idea

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Welcome to ABi

Please read my post directly befor yours.above yours. You can also read the answer in other thread where you posted the same question. The answer is the same in either case.

From the Sony NWZ-E583/E584/E585 Help Guide:
Volume operation (Only for countries/areas complying with European Directives)

An alarm (beep) and warning [Check the volume level] are meant to protect your ears when you raise the volume setting beyond the specific level (*1) for the first time. You can cancel the alarm and warning by pressing any button.

  • You can turn up the volume beyond the specific level (*1) after canceling the alarm and warning.
  • After the initial warning, the alarm and warning repeat for every 20 cumulative hours that the volume is set beyond the specific level (*1); when this happens, the volume is changed to the initial setting automatically.
  • If the volume is set beyond the specific level (*1) and you turn off the Walkman, the volume returns to the specific level (*1) automatically.

(*1) Specific level = 14
That means the volume isn't capped in the way it was in older models. You're able to turn it up as loud as it can go without going into a service menu. If it's not loud enough for you I'd look into getting an amp or different headphones.
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