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I'm not seeing where you're getting that I'm suggesting posting on the Rockbox forum to deal with this.
Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
This isn't the place to post this to get this fixed. Creating a post on the Rockbox forums referring to here probably won't get anything done. The Rockbox developers don't work from here.

You'll want to do this using the current source then create a bug report. That way someone with commit powers can examine your patch and check to see if it should be included in the source.
Posting in forums will just get what you've done ignored.

The bug tracker is available on the left side of the pages on the Rockbox site. It's labelled Flyspray. Creating a bug report there is how you would get your patch looked at.

Also posting a patch in a thread this old assumes both that the OP is both still interested and has the ability to compile Rockbox. If nether of those are true posting your patch here won't hurt anything but it may not help the OP in the way you prefer. Doing what's needed to see if the bug can be fixed by having it dealt with in the source would help anyone that needs to deal with this in the future.
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