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Originally Posted by mikee View Post
I sort of unconsciously phased out my player as my main music player. I ended up getting a phone (htc desire c) and figured I would consolidate all my needs into one device. I used to carry around my crappy feature phone and my galaxy player 4 everywhere but now I just carry my htc phone with me for everything. I don't like having pockets full of stuff all the time. My galaxy player 4 still works fine and now runs kitkat but I had an issue with the home button not working that is resolved now. The funny thing is that my htc desire c is less well equiped than the galaxy player and crappy phone combo it replaced. besides the phone though it was a pos. the htc only has 600mhz processor and android ics whereas the sgp4 has 1ghz and now kitkat.

Cheap smartphones basically killed off the android based mp3 player market and mp3 player market in general. It makes sense that that would happen though as people want one device to do everything for them.

The sgp 4 was a little dated even when it was released since it took so long for it to release in the us. I remember how anxious I was to get one but the release date kept getting pushed. those were good times lol it seems so long ago now.
I know right, it's really a shame because those devices really had some potential in them. I remembered checking each day to see if the SGP was coming to the U.S. I ended importing mine from HK because it took just too much time (announced in june, released in october while the korean variant got released in febuary)

My prediction is that Android 4.4 is the last OS I see that it could run on smoothly, though if Android 4.5 or 5.0 gets it good, I hope it can be ported over.
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