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Unhappy 'Home' button doesn't work - Sansa clip+

Any ideas what could be wrong with the home button. Doesn't seem to work at all, a right pain without it. Everything else is fine.
Using Rockbox 3.13 firmware, has been working fine for many months.
Though I did give it to someone to repair the headphone jack recently, I'm wondering if they might have screwed up the home button.

Alternatively I'm wondering if it might be a case that I might have disabled the home button in the options somehow? If that's even possible.

Any ideas anybody?

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you had it repaired?? HOW long ago? Might ask if they can go in and CHECK, to see if they caused the problem.. Other wise..(I have not opened mine) Its a basic contact.(not a switch) There SHOULD he a chance that all you need do is use a rubber eraser on the contacts.. Many cases have a good seal, and when opened..Can tarnish the contacts. time is the worse enemy. but open case lets moisture and dust into the unit. IF' its a bubble switch, and the repair person hit it could of collapsed, or broken the plastic on top..ASK them to open it infront of you. You want to see the CONTACT.
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Thanks for the reply ECA, but looks like i got myself in a bigger mess now.

First problem is that I had it repaired at a shop working away from home. For what this player is worth, its not worth taking back.

Second problem is I decided to take this thing apart without care and ripped the red (live?) wire from the board, so I need to solder that back on to power it back on again haha.

Ohhh lots of fun! :d
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