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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
The recommended way is to use the Rockbox Utility. As long as the PC it's connect to can see the drive and write to it that should work. IIRC if you're seeing the plug USB cable message it's booting but there's no valid .rockbox folder.

That would mean all you need to do is install a build to have it complete the boot. I ordinarily just download a dev build and unzip it directly to the root of the internal memory. If you're at all uncertain about that use the automated installer. The "stable" release version is quite old and lacks several updates that make the dev version run much better for me.

Only if that doesn't work would you need to reinstall the bootloader. That resides on a hidden partition that shouldn't be affected by any disk problems.
So I can just use the atutomatic installer? I dont wanna go manual. Will it overwrite it autotmatically or should i manually format the drive first?
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