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1. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to that. Try it with a few songs and see what happens.

2. I don't use MM to sync music, I use WMP so I'm not sure. Do you know how to create a playlist using the player? Empty your 'now playing' list, go through the music on your player by song, by album, or by artist, click the bottom right button and select add to 'now playing list' (something like that). Then go to the now playing list, click the bottom right button and select save as playlist (something like that).

3. ZenChick had a really good explanation of syncing. Basically it's this: When you use a sync manager for the first time (media monkey or wmp11), the sync manager forms a specific relationship with your player.

If you 'auto sync', the manager knows, and remembers, what it has transferred to the player. When you add new music to your computer library, the next time you use the sync manager it will only transfer the new stuff.

Now, if you already have music on your player when you first form this 'relationship', the sync manager doesn't know anything about the music on your player and it will sync everything and you end up with duplicates.

It's best, when forming a new relationship between player and sync manager to start with an empty player.

If any of that didn't make any sense let me know and I'll try to explain. It's late here in Texas and I might be a bit off ...well I'm told I'm always a bit off, but you know what I mean
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