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Default Order of Tracks in Creative Playlist Wizard

Ok, was all ready to create a couple of playlists. As this was never an easy task with my Xtra, I was hoping it would be easier with my Vision M, but...

(All of my songs are titled as Artist - Album - Track # - Track Title)

When I first opened up the Creative Playlist Wizard (CPW), I couldn't figure out how the songs under "Tracks:" were sorted. There seemed to be no ryhme or reason. Then I noticed it. The tracks are sorted in the order I put them on the player! And since I used Windows Explorer and dragged and dropped a ton of different songs at once and had a bunch of windows open, songs from different albums overlap one another.

Not only that, but you can't maximize the CPW, and for bands with long names/album names it's hard to find the exact track I want because you can't see the track # or title!

So, is there a way to re-index all the songs that have been loaded on the player AND a way to somehow force the CPE window to be maximized??

There's got to be an easier way. I've read some posts about using WMP, but one of the main reason I've always used Creative products instead of Ipod is because I don't want any interface (WMP, Itunes) between me and my player. And of course I'd have to format my player and re-load the songs all over again...ouch.

Am I just out of luck without paying for some software like Notmad explorer?? This is pretty dissapointing...
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