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Default YH-J70 radio recording


I've had the YH-J70 black 20gb for nearly a year now and although I really like the player it's never worked perfectly. It recently stopped playing WMA files after a firmware upgrade I downloaded from their website. The player was returned to me today and WMAs play fine.

However, I also asked them to fix the problem that I have whereby if I listen to a stereo FM broadcast (definately stereo - it says so on the display and sounds stereo) and press the red button to record it, when I listen back to the recording it is in mono.

Samsung told me this was wrong, however they have not fixed it and on the returned player, stereo broadcasts are still recording in mono.

Anyone else have this player ? Do your FM stereo recordings playback in stereo or mono ?

If it works this way with everyone I guess I'll live with it but if anyone elses' recordings are in stereo, I'll send it back to them.

Thanks in advance,

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Default YH-J70 radio recording


Got some feedback from Samsung today. Apparently it's not supposed to record the radio in stereo. All radio recordings are in mono. This was not mentioned in the original spec on their website.

What's the point of that ? It's like half a feature ?
Don't think I would trust Samsung's spec again, certainly not when spending 200.

Also, on the current version of their firmware, it won't play licenced WMA files, only unlicenced. Another detail not mentioned.

Bah !
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yeah i noticed the radio recording was in mono too and i mentioned in the forums

my main gripe with this model is that it does not recognise sony cameras nor sony/sandisk memory sticks in card readers whatsoever. the whole reason why i bought it was to back up my sticks when i'm out. funnily enuf it works with a psp + memory stick duo. i'm now contemplating on a buying a new camera, one that doesn't use memory sticks ffs.

otherwise i'd be completely satisfied with this player!

anyways you might wanna check this thread out. there's a whole bunch of worthy info if ur willing to read thru it all (I have).

ps u should update ur firmware to 2.07 if u haven't already done so, it is more recent and better than 3.0, however 3.0 has MTP and DRM support. download it from here
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Exclamation Yhj70!!!!

Hi guys

I got the yhj70 for christmas but recently everytime I plug it into any computer, I get the message, usb drive has malfunctioned. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. It only happens when i plug in the yhj70. if i plug in another device, it seems to work fine. someone please help me!!!

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