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Default Anyone else use Audible on Insignia?

I am listening to an audible book on my NS-DV. The first 1:30:00 was fine, but now about every 15 minutes or so, it locks up and makes a chirping/skipping sound. If I change to another book or a song, it will play fine, and when I go back, the original book will play fine for another 15 minutes or so. Any ideas or solutions?

Any word on the new firmware??

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Yep, that's a bug (bug 16b in the feature request list). I'm fairly certain they're aware of it, and are hopefully working on it. You should be able to just scan backwards a little bit to temporarily fix it. You don't have to skip entire books.

New firmware should be out any day now...
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So far Bug 16b can be temp fixed with a power down/power on.
If only one file is corrupted I would recommend verifing the questionable file using the PC audible player first at the 1 1/2 hour mark.
Down loads can and do get corupted

If the file is still garbled after re-power, I'd recommend deleting the file from the player and re-transfer the verified file.

If all else fails, you could do a Settings/System/Erase Internal Memory just to eliminate possible player issues

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The shutdown/restart solution works fine. just hope the new firmware comes out soon so I don't have to do this too much more.

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