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Default H3xx or alternatives?

I was looking to buy a H340 (probably from ebay or something), but i want to know, does it support videos?
Ive heard from some people it does, though it doesnt seem to state that anywhere on its website.
If anyones got any information about that it would be much apreciated.

also, the alternatives are that i get a iAudio X5, or Toshiba gigabeat, do they also play videos , and can anyone recomend them?
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It supports video, but you have to flash to korean firmware and it's at a very meager 10fps. It does run rockbox(an alternate firmware) which has been working hard on getting the video running better, and I believe it does. Go to to read more about it.

The iaudiox5 plays videos, and quite a bit better too. It also runs rockbox and in all honesty I would go with that over the h340.

If you want to look into it, the Zen Vision:M is a little more current then both of them, with great video playback. I have it and it's great.
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Yes, the X5 does almost anything better than the H3x0... I used the H3x0 for more than a month and have the X5 for almost 2 years now.

For really good video support however go with Gocorps' advice - the ZV:M is certainly the best not-quite-PMP for videos.
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