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Default How to listen to Insignia through the computer?

I bought my wife an Insignia. She wants to listen to it through her computer at work. Is it possible to hook an Insignia up to a computer so she can utilize the computer speakers?

She's not allowed to use a headset at work.
She's not allowed to "upload" the songs from the player to the computer.

She just wants the audio signal from the Insignia to play through the computer.

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Three options,

1. Put the unit in MSC mode, by sliding the hold switch on (so red is showing) while the player is OFF. Then connect it to the computer. The NS-DV will show up in "My Computer" as a removable drive, with all of her music on it. She can play files directly from there.

2. Plug the computer speakers directly into the NS-DVs headphone jack.

3. Buy a 3.5mm "dubbing cable" and run it from the NS-DVs headphone jack to the "Line-in (blue)" jack on the computer.
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Thanks Tobey. Much appreciated.
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