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The closest thing to a factory reset Rockbox has is resetting all settings under Settings>Manage Settings. You can also do the same thing by deleting you config.cfg file.

I'd definitely update. 3.13 is ancient. There's been several updates and fixes that are working nicely for me. One of them has improved battery life by at least a couple of hours.

The reason I say nicely for me is that others have reported increased problems with USB connectivity. Others have reported that USB connectivity has actually improved so it's a YMMV situation. I'm one of those that has much a better USB connection and transfer. You can revert to 3.13 or use the OF for file transfers if you have problems. There isn't a fix at this point.

You can use the installer to overwrite your current installation. As the update doesn't overwrite your config.cfg file that won't reset the settings. You'll still need to reset those manually. You could try using the new build with your old settings to see if your issues are fixed by the update. If not reset and make the changes you need to get it working the way you want again.
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