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Originally Posted by zacp2 View Post
That post is almost 2 years old... the new version of the app should be able to make it record if you're in digital mode.
Nope. Just bought it yesterday. The hardware in our players hasn't changed in the past two years.

If you read the entire thread, you'll see that he was able to get limited to complete recording support for certain popular models starting a few months ago but since there is no Android API for this, it's all specific to hardware. You'll find no such support for Galaxy Player models and you'll find no record button after you install it.

You can try "Record" in the test menu. You'll end up with a 40 byte mp4 file.

This more recent post tells the tale on recording FM with Galaxy Player:

For record or digital on Galaxy S/Player you need a kernel with Voodoo sound. And even then there have been more problems than I had hoped. Unlike GS2 and higher, the GS was not design with FM recording in mind. It was a pleasant surprise I found I could make it work. Sometimes. I've found the Semaphore kernel has a crash when I leave digital running for 15 minutes. Stock CM kernel doesn't have that problem. Galaxy S just barely has enough CPU power to comfortably use digital, particularly with visualizer, equalizer/effects and bluetooth running. Throw record in and it get's trickier. A shame because I think digital resolves the speaker damage problem a few have had.
The developer has done a heroic job supporting FM recording in various popular models but this was one he couldn't manage.
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