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Default Some Issues, Particularly Video

I have a few issues with my new player. Its the 4gig NS-DV4G. While I love it for its GUI and screen size, it has a killer problem. When I play videos on it, ones that I formatted with Arcsoft, even the videos that came with the thing, it freezes up and makes a whistling noise. It will reboot in about 5m inutes unless I push the reset button, that manually resets it. The big reason I bought this ver the Creative Zen was that it had a much bigger screen and video playback capabilities(plus SD slot, but thats minor). If I can't get this thing to play video then I really would be better off with the Zen.

I really want to like this thing. It came with a actual case, not a cloth bag..its got great features, and unlike the Sansa, its usb port isn't nearly as exposed. My other issues are with playback and organization. To put it simply, I hate using MTP software. I am a old fashioned person who likes making my playlists from the folder by highlighting, right click, and add to playlist. It won't take wmp10's wpl lists, or any of my other programs m3u's. I Also like my music to organize alphabeticly by file name. However this player organizes by song title in the ID3 tag.

This is what I have done in my 8 hour battle with this player.

1. Figured out how to go into MSC mode, then did so and uploaded my folders of music(each folder containing the music of one playlist). Attempted to create playlists in multiple formats. Failed.

2. Read the forums ,realize it wants the dreaded PLA format*blargh* and go on a hunt for conversio nsoftware. Tried 2 diff programs. Failed.

3. Screwed around, deleting, testing, copyed a set of folders with the music I want into my harddrive so I'm not screwing with my library. Tryed to get WMP10 to play nice with the player in both MTP and MSC mode. Failed.

4. Gave in and installed rhapsody software. Deleted all the music from the player, built my library in Rhapsody(ick..I don't need software to manage my music), and set up the playlists. I hit sync..and waited...a hour...finally it was done. Went in to my playlists...WTF!?!!111 its all out of order...FAILED.

5. Delete and upload a few more times, rediscover my MP3tagger program, begin messing with the tags. Come to understand problem that the player was organizing by song title and not filename. Ok..Do I delete all the tag info, rebuild my Rhapsody library, and wait another hour on a gamble that it will be forced to default to filename? Or do I throw playlists out the window for now? Hmmm...

6. Ok, throw the lists out. Delete all tag info in my music, except for genre. My Genre's are my playlists. Load up the music. works..good enough. heres hoping for that update in march for M3u support.

7. Convert a couple videos and let arcsoft upload them. Pick up my player, start to play a video....OW..HURT..EARS..BLEEDING...Throw off the damn headphones realizing it froze. Tryed repeatedly with the same result on all videos. FAILED.

8. Sit on my butt another 15 minutes to type out this post in vain hope that there might be some magical solution or consolement for all the problems I've had today.

*Note:This screen was the ideal size for me. Its not too big that it won't fit in my pocket, but its large enough to display readable subtitles, important since I watch alot of foreign films. I really want this to work and don't want to have to take it back.

EDIT: I forgot to mention I am running the latest Firmware version.
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