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Default Did I get ripped off :( ?? Help!

Hi everyone,

After going to the store and being told NOT to buy an ipod without warranty, I decided to look online for a used mp3 player - problem... didn't really know what I was getting. Heard some good things about creative and iaudio so I decided to buy an old iAUDIO x5 20GB. The audio part is good - video part not so good (not a big deal cause I don't use it for that too often)

Bought it for $220 CAD or $190 USD.

20 GB
Was bought 5 by original owner months ago
Came with receipt (shown that it was bought for $290 CAD or $250 USD)
In good condition
Came with cradle for charging
Came with a remote attachy thing so I can put it in my bag and listen to it.
No headphones

Should have researched before but I didn't - was it a good deal considering how old it is?

PS. Do I have to update firmware or something? (has 2.10-e firmware on it)
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I do not think that it was a good deal, but it depends on what prices are where you live. I bought a 30gb Vision:M for $170 USD, and I consider that a decent price, but it was brand spanking new as well. Not 5 months of wear and tear. As for the firmware, no idea, might want to post this over in the iAudio forums, or do some searching through the forums.

Good luck with your new player. At least you got a decent one, even if it is used, and slightly overpriced.

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You may have paid a little to much but at least you got a good player. You have the latest firmware. There is a newer beta ver but I would stick to the one you have.
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That's about what that player is going for used. You probably could have bought a bit better player for that price, but I wouldn't say you got ripped off.
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Default :(

How much do you figure I overpaid by?

*man.. this sucks*
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The price probably isn't that bad, considering the cradle and remote are pretty expensive when bought separately.

Cradle is usually $30 new, remote control is $50.

Firmware 2.10-e is the latest, so you're fine.
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