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Default H3Mod? Rockbox?

Anyone think we can garner enough support to get a group up and running trying to get Rockbox on the Insignia Video or Julius at H3Mod to somehow give the Insignia Video some love?

Wouldn't be a great player for these two hacks?
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LJ is already giving the NS-DV some love. H3Mod now supports Insignia firmware files and we can change the battery icons. But that's about it right now, you can't load the modified firmware unfortunately, the NS-DV doesn't seem to like it.

And someone started an NS-DV thread at the Rockbox forums:
If anyone here owns an NS-DV and knows anything about programming, what are you waiting for?
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I have an NS-DV and have been writing code for over 20 years. But, I'd really need the software development kit from the chip maker to be able to pull it off. Without the SDK, you'd have to resort to reverse-engineering or hacking the existing firmware. That's not something I'd be willing to spend time doing, given that a new firmware version is supposed to be coming out anytime now.
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Aha, so someone has tried modifying the firmware! I wish the person who
had originally asked me for insignia support had given me some feedback.
Well, if the player does not accept the modified firmware, you're out of luck.
That means there is some kind of checksum implemented, and the only way
to update that is to reverse engineer the firmware. I can't help you there,
that wizardry is beyond my capabilities :-(

Maybe something comes from the rockbox community. Whenever somebody finds
the checksum algorithm, feel free to ping me again, and I can add proper insignia
support to H3Mod.

Cheers, LJ
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Ah. That's too bad. Thanks for trying though LJ!
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