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Talking Revived my Vision:M

Not very interesting, just felt like expressing this among like-minded individuals...

A while back I had a 60GB black ZV:M. That died (my mistake, cheap accessory with bad pinout) and went in on extended warranty. I came back with a 60GB Zen Vision W but as you know that's not even half as portable in nature.

Eventually a friend with a 30GB black ZV:M had it brick up on him (no idea why, but it did it unprompted by misuse or anything like that). I was given the player, found myself able to bring it back to life, then posted about it on here so other people with bricked ones could try to make it work.

Can't remember why now but a good several months ago I opened the player and in the process broke the solder points on the battery connector. If you've seen that connector, you know how ridiculous it is to try to resolder that onto the I considered it a lost cause, and left the player on my shelf disassembled since then.

Tonight I got adventurous. Filed my soldering iron down a bit and went to work. Using the original solder I was able to get the socket to stick back in place (I don't dare use more solder...the points are so close together I'd likely short them). Couple of dabs of glue on each end of the connector for added strength and it's good to go.

Long story short, player is working again...yay for truly mobile audio

Love this player. Always loved the Vision:M. Even compared to technically superior products that have come since, I'd still prefer a ZV:M, and I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

3 cheers for adventurous soldering!

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