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Default My 2 cents on Screen Shields

I tried as many as two different ones so I guess that qualifies me as an expert in this field.

Now seriously, which shield is best is individual preference but I can share my views for those thinking about adding one.

The first two I tried were from Radio S. and they didn't work out for me. ($8 for 4 sheets and you can cut at least two maybe four out of each sheet) Although it was good that they made the screen much less reflective, I thought it blurred the image a bit and video didn't look as crisp as the bare screen. One good point here was that they were fairly painless to remove.

Then I gave a shot to the one Belkin makes for the iPod Video. ($17 at Circuit C.) For my taste, results were outstanding. Totally invisible and a snap to apply, (no bubbles to rub off at all). Unfortunately these are as shinny as the screen but I learned to live with that considering the image looks exactly as sharp as without the shield. Out of the material provided you can probably cut a total of three pieces the size of the Insignia screen. Removal of this one down the road appears to be trouble free.

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nice advice, plastic always Blur but who am I to know, it does its job protects as in my pocket all the time
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Thanks for the reviews, but $17?! Boy, i, p, o, and d must be the most expensive 4 letters on the planet.

You can usually get 4 PDA screen things for $3 at somewhere like Staples or Office Depot, or get a 9" x 3.75" sheet from BSE for $7.

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Red face

I looked around by house for any chrome, or new DVD players, etc.. that had the protective cover still on the display. You know the one... The manufacturer puts it on to protect it during transport.

Well.. In my basement, I found a CD player that I never took the protective cover off of. I simple took it off and cut it to size the Insignia. Not the best as far as clarity. But, it'll do until I can get to Staples.
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