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Default A few NS-DV questions

Hi, I've been looking around for a while at mp3 players, i was originally going to buy an e260, but then i read about the problems it has and what-not so I was happy when i stumbled across an ad for the Insignia in a Best Buy magazine.

I'm looking to buy the 4gb version from Dealadeal/2ndturn and the first thing i was wondering is, because some of them say they can't guarantee the battery life, I was just trying to find out if that is for sure a battery problem, because I know BB will sell you replacements so I was gonna try to get one super cheap on ebay with a messed up battery then just buy a replacement and I wanted to make sure that's a good idea.

My second question is about the screen protectors, I want to have something protecting the screen but I don't have money right now for the leather case. How do you attach the screen protectors that you buy from Staples and cut to size? Do they make the screen harder to look at? Can they be taken off easily without damaging or altering the screen?

For my last question I was wondering about the garbled audio when scrolling through menus. Does it happen all the time when you're scrolling or just some of the time? Also, is it a problem that they're planning to fix in a recent firmware update?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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