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Default DO NOT purchase a H10 20GB

Hi guys. I just joined, oh, about 3 seconds ago. I just wanted to come here and warn everyone who is thinking about purchasing an H10 GB. I'll give you my little story.

Less than a month after I purchase it, the screen completely froze on me. I tried the reset button, but to no avail. I let it run and waited for the battery to die, and I went to go charge it to see what the heck went wrong. So I did, and when I turned it back on, there was a series of clicking noises and finally a message popped up saying "System Files Missing" and some advice to check out So I did. I rummaged through their FAQ, found a solution to my problem, didn't work. I emailed the support team, and after a week, received an email with useless information that did not address my problem AT ALL. So I sent another email. Finally got ANOTHER solution to try, this one not any better than the other. So I called the support team, and what did I get? 6 options, all with the same recorded message: "Please check out our FAQ online at" Sent another email asking to please return my Iriver to have it fixed, after 2 weeks, I received a reply. Went through the verification process, blah blah blah, sent it to the company, and about 2 weeks later, got it back. Woooo, it worked!!!
Yeah. For about 2 days.
Now I can't go three songs without it freezing on me. The "Music->Artist" menu doesn't work, and apparently my iriver doesn't want me to listen to Switchfoot, because I can't access any Switchfoot albums without it freezing. I carry around a paperclip to reset my iriver literally every three songs. Yeah it works now, thanks iriver- I just have to carry around a paper clip or something small and pointy.

So all in all- the iriver H10 20GB works GREAT...when it's working. It has the crappiest support system I have ever seen. I will continue to email the company asking for (yet another) fix. In the meantime, I'm sticking to my CD player. Much more reliable than this piece of crap.
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