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Default Some questions

I knew I stayed up past my bedtime for a reason tonight!

I just found this site, and had never even heard of this brand before. I am sitting here, next to a newly-purchased Zen Vision:M that will not charge, and I'm already regretting it. Then I find this thing, that has all the things I thought I had to go with Creative to get... the radio and the recording AND the capacity and such... and its deficiencies are in the things I frankly don't care about (video and photo functionality).

There are a few things not mentioned in the review (that I saw) that I would be curious to know before I rush out to Amazon and pay cash money them to let me clasp it to my bosom, never to leave my side:

1) ...USB 1.1? :[ Seriously? (EDIT: I looked at the 60GB version on newegg and it claims USB 2.0. True?)

2) Am I understanding this right: it doesn't automatically group things into album and artist and whatnot, but you can set it up that way if you want, but you have to do it by hand...? (EDIT: Okay I'm dumb and I didn't read the full details of what Rockbox does the first time. Revised question, then: How easy/accessible is it to switch between folder mode and ID3 mode? Do you have to be connected to the computer? Does the player have to restart after changing? ... etc. Assuming it's not as magically quick and simple as I might hope, I'd probably keep it in its normal folder mode as much as possible, so the next questions apply to that.)

Can the shuffle and such be made to apply to the entire set of songs without them all just being in one giant folder together?

How do you get the tracks of an album in the right order? Do you have to add little numbers to every single filename...?

3) One thing I appreciate very much about the Zen (Vision:M) is that the headphone jack is extremely tight, so that if the player falls or slips from somewhere while you're listening to it, it doesn't actually hit the floor and ruin the hard drive-- it hangs safely from the end of the cord. Am I going to have to go back to being careful?

4) Another thing I appreciate very, very much about the Zen is that it has a "Track Once" play mode, which is where it just stops after the track it is currently on. When you hit a song you really like, and you just want to get in your That Song Zone, without having to scramble to hit 'pause' at the exact right moment and breaking your concentration... yeah, I like this feature. How possible is it that I might get that back? I might consider actually learning the programming it would require to implement it if I have to; I'm not sure.

5) A thing I do not appreciate very much about the Zen is that it has really. Loud. Clicky buttons. Not the artificial 'clicker' on the touch pad, but very stiff buttons that do not like being pushed, and that you can hear over everything, and it kind of breaks my heart a little bit after the sweet silence of the older Zen models that were pure touchpad. Will I be listening to the case as well as the audio?

(EDIT: 6) I am annoyed-- disproportionately, I know-- at how the screens of the photo/video-capable players I've used turn off when you have the hold switch on. I know it saves battery, but... can't they just turn off the backlight or something? It's a screen! It's for looking at! Not messing with the buttons each time before you get to look at it again! That is an unnecessary complication of the essential function of a screen, it seems to me. Anyway, details of how the X5 does this would be welcome.)

-Any other quirks or whatever that I should know about?

...oh man, I just realized the potential for raiding my friends' music collections with the softwareless approach. I am definitely getting too excited and I need to go to bed. Nightnight and thanks for reading
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