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Default 3 questions

Hi all, first time poster.

I intend to purchase an MP3 player and I have some questions about the Zen V Plus (in particular the 2GB model):

1. What exactly is the voice recording format? On one site it says "Voice Recording (8kHz mono IMA ADPCM)", on another "IMA ADPCM 16kHz mono WAV", and on another that the Zen V mic recording format is WMA realtime. Which one is it?

2. I intend to ocasionally use my player with some active (powered) speakers (~5W), connected to the earphone jack. In this case, it's not really important that one player has a higher output than another (i.e. 30 mW for iAudio F2 over 7 mW for Zen V+), it's the RMS power of the speakers that matters - is this correct?

3. When I'm at home, is it possible to connect the player to the mains using an AC adapter that will supply it with power without involving the batteries? For example, I have an old Sony walkman which uses AAA batteries but has also a power jack to plug in an AC adapter that will supply it with power. Boomboxes also have both batteries and a power cord, and when connected to the mains don't use at all the batteries. Is this possible for the Zen V+? I know there's an AC adapter that acts like a charger, but I guess that if the player stays connected to the charger it still gets power from its batteries, which are constantly recharged by the adapter - I'd want the player to get its power directly from the adapter. Is this possible for mp3 players that use rechargeable batteries?

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