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Default Upgrade Hard Drive?

I am very interested in trading up from my 60 Gig Creative Zen Xtra. I assume to use Rockbox with either an X5 or X5L, but only if I can cram a LARGE disk into the unit. Frankly I'd like to insert the largest available drive into the unit. What are the constraints to doing this, ie disk dimensions, etc? If I'm barking up the wrong tree and there is a better Rockboxable MP3 player with the ability to handle a large disk upgrade I'm game.

Thanks alot!

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I don't know if you really would need Rockbox for the X5... the original firmware sounds better (IMO), and there's nothing crippled or locked-down on the X5. Of course, if you want ID3 browsing, album art and MPC/Shorten/AAC support, then you would need Rockbox. Not to forget the games...

You can fit any single platter 1.8" drive into an X5/X5L 20 or 30GB case, and you can fit a double platter drive into the X5 60GB case. Perpendicular drives would give you more storage space.

EDIT: D'oh! Of course you would need Rockbox for a, say, 100GB hard disk - the original Cowon firmware only handles 10.000 files.

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Thanks! I looked around for single platter 1.8" drives and it appears that 60G seems to be the maximum available. So maybe I'm looking at the wrong product. I actually bought and installed an 80 and then 100 gig drive in my Creative Zen with crappy results. If Rockbox ran on the Zen Xtra I'd be sh*tting in high cotton, but it's not in the cards. I hate to post this in the Cowon forum, but I've got your eyes so I'll take a shot, what MP3 player is available, Cowon or otherwise that supports Rockbox and will use my 100 Gig 9.5 mm hard drive from my Creative Zen Xtra?
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wil the iaudio 60 gig have enough room? a zune maybe?
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