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Default Iriver H10 20GB -- Background?

Hello everyone,

I'm probably gunna buy an Iriver H10 20GB (Trance Red= Awesome ) in a few weeks, but i had just one question:

Since it has photo viewing, can you change the background wallpaper of the menu screen? I have been researching mp3 players for weeks, and all of the photo viewing mp3 players that i have seen (including the ZV:M, Creative Micro Photo, and Toshiba Gigabeat) allow you to change the wallpaper. Does anyone here have an H10 and know if it Is possible?

Thanks for any help!
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i have used an h10 5 gb before, and sorry, it was not possible to change that ugly background... with rockbox you can have themes though
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Don't get this mp3 player if you want to use custom EQ's though. It has many problems with it, songs clip and cut off and static background noise(Really heavy)
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I wasn't able to find anything like that, no. But I stronly recommend you don't purchase this. It has a horrible support system, and a tendency to freeze...alot. I created a thread about my experience with the H10 if you want to check it out.
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You can't change it on the device itself, but you can put
themes in the firmware with a 3rd party tool: h3mod.
There are a few threads at misticriver about it, for example this.
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