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Old 04-16-2007, 12:01 AM
ncage1974 ncage1974 is offline
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Default just ordered the zen v and have a couple questions.

Hi everyone. I have researching both the Zen V, Zen V +, and Ipod Nano for the past few days to decide which player to get. I have a HD based player no so this isn't going to be my MAIN mp3 player but this thing will still be used quite a lot. The main use will be running (i run 6 days a week). I also will wear it doing work around the house. I currently having a 512MB Muvo Tx that i would say is ok. I hate it not having a rechargeable battery. I of course bought a energizer system and got rechargeable AAA but its still not the same. I can not charge it while on the road or anything like that and the AAA are easy to forget. Also it does not get the loud.

Today i was mowing grass and had it strapped to me and i could hardly hear it above the roar of the push mower. The last thing i don't like is the track switcher on th muvo. If you put any downward pressure on it (which sometimes is not easy to do) then it goes into the menu system and you talk about annoying trying to get out of that when your trying to concentrate on running.

A guy at work has a 2GB nano and this thing get LOUD. I heard the Zen are even louder. Which would be great.

OK here is my main questions:

1) Is the Zen V & Zen V+ exactly the same except for Video (which i don't care about) and FM Tuner (which isn't a big deal for me at all)? Are the sound quality the same? Do they have same ability to get loud?

2) Does the Zen V get as load as the Nano? I assume this thing will get a lot louder than my Muvo TX

3) How easy are the controls to use (volume, track switch, ect) when you have this thing strapped to your arm and can't see the screen?

4) How easy is it to use podcast on these things? I know creative has this thing called zencast but not sure what it is. So say i have a podcast i want to do i go about using it with this player?

I did order the Zen V (non +) tonight because i found such a good deal at Buy.Com. It was $80 After Rebate but i'm wanting to make sure it has what i need. I already ordered a Car Charger and a Case with an armband off of ebay so i can do more than look at this thing when it comes in .

Anyways any help would be appreciated. thanks, Ncage

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