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Default Notmad does not recogzie ZVM60

I'm having a bit of a problem with the lovely little device Santa brought...

I've own a ZEN Nano, a ZEN Touch and a ZEN Neeon for many years. I use Redchair's Notmad Explorer to load/manipulate all three. I just received a ZVM (60GB version). My PC is WinXP with SP2, WMP11 and all of the current updates fully loaded and I've updated the ZVM firmware with the latest version (1.20.02) available from Creative.

Creative MediaSource 5, ZEN Vision:M Series Media Explorer and WMP11 all recognize the ZVM60 and I can load files just fine. The problem is that Notmad gives me an error message when I try to connect:
"Notmad detected no connected players running the MTP/PlaysforSure 2.x firmware."
Redchair claims Notmad is compatible with ZVM and the driver is set to use look for the "2.x" flavor. The screen on the ZVM shows the animated "docking" logo when it attempts to connect, but the connection fails with the error listed above. My ZEN Touch connects without any problems (so I know the hardware path to the player is working).

I have the latest version of Notmad (8.8.5) but their site seems to be dying a slow death (and no one there is answering the phone...), so I'm going a bit off-topic in this forum (my sincerest apologies), but this is driving me nuts!

Notmad is complaining about "PlaysforSure 2.x" while both of the latest firmware updates available for the ZVM60 and 30 seem to be "1.x" versions:
Creative ZEN Vision:M 60GB Firmware 1.20.02
Creative ZEN Vision:M 30GB Firmware 1.61.01
Anyone else had similar problems with Notmad?

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Having never used Notmad, I couldn't even begin to be able to figure out what the problem could be, except that perhaps it hasn't been updated for the ZVM60 yet.

As for the 2.0 firmware versions, I believe this is a reference to the Nomad series firmware. Since the Nomad line came out long before PFS did, Creative bumped an entire revision number for their PFS firmware, going from 1.x.x for non-PFS to 2.x.x for the PFS version. At least, that's what they did with the Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra.
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Yeah, I don't think they've quite got it configured for the ZVM even though their website states:
Notmad Explorer currently supports the following devices:

Creative Zen Vision:M (all capacities)

Runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000, and XP.
Both original Creative (1.x) and MTP/PlaysForSure (2.x) firmwares supported.
All available connections for each device are supported, including:
USB 1.0, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, Firewire/IEEE1394/SB1394.
Upgraded Jukeboxes are also supported.
European 'D.A.P.' versions are supported.
I've been playing with WMP11 for album info and syncing and stuff; but it doesn't seem to update the album art consistently on my ZVM and some playlists are not showing up while some albums contain multiple instances (redundant listings) of the same track titles.

Can you say, "ghost in the shell"? I'm off to red every freakin' single sticky on this site!

Thanks for the reply,
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Despite this thread is bloody old the problem is or was still actual.
Actually I had the same issue with a ZVM30 and it seems that I finally found out what the problem was.
Notmad is somehow mixing up the device information between "Model" and "Owner" and therefore if you change the player setting of the owner to something else than the default "My Zen" the Notmad will not recognize your player anymore. Notmad obviously just knows and accepts a player that is of model/owner "My Zen".
Having said that just name back your player to "My Zen" and it should work fine again (with MTP mode).
Btw I found this out by accident as I had to recover my ZVM30 and to upgrade the firmware and to reset my player settings and then for a moment the player was named "My Zen" again and Notmad coul dconnect until I changed it again.
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