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Old 05-07-2007, 11:40 AM
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Exclamation Won't respond, charge or reset. Found FIX!!

Here is a link to a video demo that I made that shows you how to do the following descriptions if you would rather.

I recently bought a new Zen V and I had only had it for about 1 day and I was putting all of the music and pictures that I wanted on it when it totally stopped working! Nothing I did helped! The reset didn't work, the power button or anything else I tried. It was fully charged so I knew that the battery wasn't the problem. So, guess what I did! I started prying and taking it apart with a knife and my finger nails. The buttons come off first followed by the orange plate behind that. (It depends on what color of player you have.) The next part is tricky. You need to peel the whole screen off because it has adhesive all the way around it. BE CAREFULL! Take your time because you could mess up the screen connections.

Once that is done you have to remove the two screws that hold the mother board into the player. Take the mother board out and then you will be able to see the battery which is connected to the motherboard with a small plug. This is the thing that you have been trying to get to. Unplug it and then plug it back in. Turn the player on and it should work again! It did for me! It is really neat to see all the parts and how they work. Let me know if this helps!

Note: This will VOID your player's warrenty. Mine didn't have any because I got it on ebay. Also the only time my player would freeze up and stop responding was when I would plug it into my Vista computer. It happened twice so I use my XP machine instead. My V plus works fine with Vista but the V doesn't. It is weard. I am getting another V in a few days and I am going to see if that works with Vista. I will update you.

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