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Default Reliability?

I'm thinking about purchasing a Cowon X5L. Lately, I have see threads about joysticks and other things breaking on there X5L's. Can I count on my X5L not to break, or should I just get a different brand? I have had bad experiences with mp3 players I got a while back, (Archos Gmini 120, Ipod mini 2nd gen) Both of them pretty much died right out of warranty. I gave up with mp3 players for awhile, and got the simplest mp3 I could find, knowing that it wouldn't break.....Ipod shuffle. Yeah, Yeah, the express or the stone wasn't out that long ago, so I didn't have any other options. I have learned to hate itunes, and my shuffle, even though it won't die. Basically, I just need to know if I can count on the X5L not breaking in or out of warranty, because there customer service, from what I hear, is CRAP. I would easily just go get a ZvM instead, but I'd rather have a longer battery, and All of the other features about the X5L including using RockBox.

-Thanks to whoever answers this.
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The X5 is a decent player but reliability is not it's strong suit. It's usually not if you have a problem it's when.
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For the most part, the only people who post are people who have issues with their players. There is no doubt in my miind that most people experience no hardware issues.
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Mine's fine after two years... the only trouble it had was when I flung it 5 meters through the air, and it landed on a concrete floor... it was still playing after that, mind you. Just the headphone jack cut out.
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I've had my X5 for about 20 months now and the only problems I've experienced are battery issues (which seem common after about 15 months) and a joystick which suddenly stopped working in the "down" position. This happened right around the time the battery started to go so I returned it for service.
Aside from that, the X5 is a great MP3 player with excellent audio. Just be prepared that you will likely have battery issues at some point.
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