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Default how to prolong v plus's battery life?

I was just thinking, since the v plus's battery is unremovable, we should do everything we could to try to prolong the overall usage life for this battery. However, v plus only charges when you connect it to the computer via usb, which is the same necessary step that you need to take when you want to transfer songs on the v player. So every time when you transfer songs the battery charges, to my knowledge this type of short random charging is going to kill the battery's overall life. (works the same way with cell phone?) I just got my v plus yesterday and tried to charge it to full uninterrupted, but at the last part the computer requires a restart which interrupted the charging process by a few seconds. After a mere 40 minutes of playing around with my zen v plus, my battery indicator reduced by 1/3. Is this normal? or have I already messed up my new battery. So how could we practice safe charging? we definitely cant wait till the battery runs out then connect it to the usb cord for song transferring? is there an alternative way? does anybody get what im saying or i pretty much doesn't make sense? lol Thanks!
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You will need to charge it several times to get a full charge on the battery and the battery meter calibrated. And leave it connected until it is fully charged. About once a month, drain it to cut off and then fully recharge to maintain the charging circuit and battery meter calibration.

And the new lithium batteries don't have memory lik older tech. They really should be recharged after any significant use rather than run down. So keep it full charged is the best way.
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