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Default Clix Gen 2 features?

Currently own a Sansa e280 but am completly unhappy w/ its music features and i am investigating other small flash players. I still use my old Dell DJ V1 in the office, and that was stacked w/ features for its day in age and they have all the features im talking about.

Most anoying to me are these two issues:

1) "On the Go" Playlists. Sansa makes you play the track before adding it to a go list. Does the Clix2 allow you to highlight and add songs while another plays? Also, can i add an entire genre to my "now playing"? Sansa only alows me to play 1 genre at once.

2) My player is filled w/ almost 3500 songs w/ a ton of artists. The Sansa makes you scroll to the artist, so if i want an artist begining with "L" i have to scroll for quite a bit of time to get there. Does the Clix2 allow you to search for artists or jump to a letter and scroll from there?

A few other, not as important features:

- due to my large, ever expanding colletion i like to take w/ me on the go, are there any plans for a 10 gig Clix2 or a model with a MicroSD expansion slot like the Sansa?

Thanks guys!
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